Manual Medicine: advanced therapeutics for healing


Lowen Systems: Dynamic Manual Interface, developed by Frank Lowen, is a gentle form of manual intervention aimed at assisting the natural corrective processes that the body continuously undertakes to achieve balance and restore health. The body’s ability to self-correct is diminished when it is overwhelmed by excessive tensions, including those of physical and emotional natures. The goal in treatment is always to discern what the body is struggling to do, and provide the assistance it needs to re-establish these processes. The core of this work involves techniques that communicate with the body's natural intelligence.

DMI is an advanced comprehensive form of manual therapy that embodies some of the most current research in the dynamics of the human body. DMI utilizes the body’s self corrective mechanisms to improve tissue mobility, bio-mechanics and system balance. Practitioners of DMI have learned to feel, interpret and facilitate specific subtle rhythms within the body. These rhythms are the vehicle for communication and regulation. Familiarity with anatomical details, bio-mechanics and physiology is important for the advanced practitioner.

DMI is a light touch technique, utilizing a precise interface which has both physical and energetic components. The focus is highly specific, but orchestrated by the tissues and their rhythms. With DMI’s unique method of hand usage combined with a thorough understanding of the organization and relationships of the body, a skilled practitioner can interact specifically with many different tissues of the body for assessment and treatment purposes.

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